I need to get back into writing my ‘pop culture’ blog, even though no-one reads it except for that bit about King of Fighters XIII being racist and sexist (which I still stand by).

I need to get back to venting about comics in my own space, if only to stop me from writing huge thread-killing comments on other people’s blogs.

Early-90s Goths For Scottish Indepenence

Early-90s Goths For Scottish Indepenence

I’m not going to get any work done if I keep watching Cameo videos, but fucking hell, Cameo have got it all.



White’s had a bee in his bonnet about “authenticity” all his life. I like the White Stripes as much as anyone, but his work has always been fundamentally deeply reactionary.

One of those phrases that’s stuck in my mind and that makes me chuckle more and more as the years roll by comes from an NME piece at round about the time they first started hyping his music. They said it was for “anyone who hasn’t sold their soul for a Game Boy Advance.” 

The Gameboy Advance provided me with hours more entertainment and ‘feelings’ (and better music) than anything Jack “Jarmusch-ruining” White has ever produced.

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(This is a repost off of my Facebook, but hey! That is life. Internet life.)

EARNEST POSTt, about why I am voting ‘Yes’ in the Scottish Independence Referendum, on a basic level:

if we vote ‘No’, Scotland will continue to have no say over what government we have in Westminster, and even if we did, the current choices for the forseeable future are basically just variations on the Tories, and the continuation of London-centric bullshit.

If we vote ‘Yes’, it will not be a magical wonderland, and politicians will still be politicians (with all the horror that inevitably entails), and aye, things might get a bit shitty while we find our feet (the fact the media are portraying Yes voters as blindly naive is ludicrous). Things might ALWAYS be shitty? But at least it’s a shittiness we’d have a chance of doing something about. Our voices could be heard, ye ken?



king kirby collages

Kirby’s collages were the bee’s knees.

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The best thing about the “experimental group therapy based on the American model” that I go to every week is that it’s really awkward and horrible and all the problems I have in normal social situations (that this group is supposed to help with) are magnified horribly.

I MADE THISLIFE PINNACLE: ALPHAI hate ‘keep calm’ etc things. The only good one I’ve ever seen was a photocopied one for a local business dotted around Shetland’s bus stops, saying “KEEP CALM AND REPAIR IPHONE”.



I hate ‘keep calm’ etc things. The only good one I’ve ever seen was a photocopied one for a local business dotted around Shetland’s bus stops, saying “KEEP CALM AND REPAIR IPHONE”.



if you call yourself a “gamer,” try loving yourself better and don’t

Dreaming of a time when it becomes connotatively as socially unacceptable as ‘brony.’

There are so few non-sinister reasons for anyone to ever call themselves a “gamer” that the standard reaction to anyone doing so really needs to become, “Are you? Oh dear. Pity.”

I do know that in the past I have said to people “I play computer games, sure, but I’m not a gamer

It has so many awful connotations, and who’d want tp be associated with the sort of people that DO say they’re gamers?

Heeeey! I’ll be selling a load of stuff tomorrow in Dundee (Scotland, likes), for reasonable, reasonable prices, so why not come along and help me cover the costs of my bus fare?