Looking at what seems to be an ace flat tomorrow. I will try not to get my hopes up, though, given that the world seems unwilling to take my money and let me stay somewhere.

Oh well.

In other news: my coffee is too hot, currently.

(I don’t really have other news, obviously)

Chicks - F**** Music

Glargh! I loved this band, and it’s a constant (CONSTANT!) source of frustration that their album never got a proper release. They recorded it with rockist fuckwits Royal Trux, and Dreamworks treated them like shit and it’s not fair as they were pretty great.

Sigh. There’s so much turn-o’-the-century music that’s just been forgotten as the internet maybe wasn’t quite the ‘thing’ it is now. Gel! Yatsura! Brassy! Cha Cha Cohen!

And so on.

Anyway, long story short: I really want a copy of Chicks Do Philly, their Lost Album.



I’m drunk and emotional, and so many tumblr posts tonight are hitting me as being incredibly profound and relevant to my life.

This is amazing, and I hope it signals the end of BroGamer dogshit culture.

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It’s the 20th anniversary of THE HOLY BIBLE by Manic Street Preachers.

I’ve written about it before, though perhaps never as much as I should have. This won’t be that post. I haven’t the time. If you have it, my RUE BRITANNIA has a lot in there. For at least five years, it was my standard go-to answer to the (always impossible, always meaningless, always too meaningfully loaded) question “what’s your favourite album ever?”

It was an easy answer, but also a true one. It was a life changer.

It’s on all the usual streaming places if you haven’t ever listened. You should, though don’t expect to be in a good mood after it. Anorexia, Fascism, Concentration Camps, Mutilation, everything black. I was probably sold on it from the second I opened the middle page of the Melody Maker to find the advert for it, which solely consisted off all the lyrics from the album, printed to entirely fill the space, with a thumbnail of the cover in the bottom right. I’m a sucker for that sort of confidence and statement  even now, and four times as much then.

(If you want to see it, it’s here.)

It’s an album that led me to the black hole at the heart of the world, and taught me how to live there. It was both useful and essential. It’s difficult to imagine a world without it. It’s difficult to imagine a me about it.

Pop music!

I’m rereading Sandman by Neily Gaiman, which I do every few years. It has a lot of problems, but there’s no denying it was an important part of my formal teenage comics ‘education’. It’s also telling that I never distinguished it as any ‘better’ or more ‘worthy’ than the X-Men or Spidey comics I was reading at the time. Comics is comics is comics.

My obsessive compulsive disorder dictates that I should read ALL of it, but I’m going to try and be strong and skip anything that involves a cat or Shakespeare.

Hey! It’s Throwballs Thursday!Here’s an old picture of Alex fae Street Fighter 3.Nipsy.

Hey! It’s Throwballs Thursday!

Here’s an old picture of Alex fae Street Fighter 3.


I guess in the end I sober up, find a flat, and breath a sigh of relief that the Edinburgh festival’s over and Edinburgh has become 45% less objectionable

Dynasty meets the BBC version of Gormenghast

I’m enjoying the current trend of people being guilted into giving a tiny amount to charity as part of a thing that gets them Facebook likes. The government should be matching every single £ raised, what with it being their duty to fund this shit (charity shouldn’t exist, you know?).